Keeping Your Law Firm's Filing Organized

Law firms will have to manage large amounts of paperwork and other documents. To this end, the filing cabinets for a law firm can be some of its most important pieces of equipment. Yet, lawyers often struggle with keeping their filing organized. Invest In High-Quality File Jackets And Case Folders One of the first steps you can take for improving the effectiveness of your filing system will be to invest in high-quality file jackets and case folders.

Getting Divorced? Don't Do These Things on Social Media

Social media is so intertwined with American lives that most people don't think twice about posting the minute trivia of their daily lives on it—whether it's what they had for dinner or something funny their child said on the way to school. So it seems strange not to post online about something huge that's happening in your world—like your divorce. However, if you're hoping to get through your divorce relatively drama-free, you need to follow this guide.

Pros And Cons Of Revealing Your Will Details To Your Beneficiaries In Advance

Different people often have different ideas about whether they should share the details of their wills with their beneficiaries in advance. There's not necessarily one right way to proceed with this decision, as there can be advantages and disadvantages of sitting your beneficiaries down and going through the contents of your will compared to keeping these details private and just having the beneficiaries learn them at a later date. Here are some factors to consider.

Your Attorney Wishes You Knew These 4 Things

Hiring an attorney to represent your interests is a good choice in a lot of different circumstances, but not really knowing what you're doing with one can be costly. If your counsel needs to spend time explaining the basics, it's coming right out of your wallet. These are the four things your attorney wishes you knew. They Can Save You Money Even in dealing with the most basic of situations, having a qualified professional help you prepare paperwork can end up saving you money.

Reasons That You Should Have A Backup Estate Executor

At any age, it's a good idea to give some thought to your estate and what you want to be done with it after your death. Sure, you might not plan on passing away anytime soon, but you need to realize that accidents can happen — and you don't want your family left in the lurch if you die without making any plans about your estate. A good first step is to appoint an executor, whose job is to carry out the tasks in your will — namely, divide your assets according to your wishes and handle all of the paperwork that needs to be completed after a death.