Being Bipolar And The Law

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition what has become rather well known in recent years. Also referred to as manic-depression, bipolar disorder is marked by extreme highs, manic phases, and periods of extreme depression. Your condition also has legal ramifications that you need to be aware of. Legal Trouble Undiagnosed or improperly treated bipolar disorder can lead you to trouble with the law. Research shows that approximately one million people with serious mental illness are now incarcerated in the United State.

When Is Your Legal Date Of Separation (And Why Does It Matter)?

When did your marriage really end? Was there a single defining moment that did it? Did you announce it was over to your spouse, friends, and relatives? Or did your marriage just slowly grind to a halt without much discussion along the way? Trying to determine the exact date that your marriage ended can be difficult, but it has some important legal ramifications you should understand before you put down a date.

Why Timing Is Essential For Bankruptcy Discharge

Timing has a great effect on your bankruptcy discharge. Therefore, there is a right time for everybody to file for bankruptcy depending on their unique circumstances. This is why bankruptcy filing should never be a spur of the moment decision; you need to plan for it properly. Here are some of the effects of timing on bankruptcy: Debt Discharge Bankruptcy laws are a little biased in the way they treat debts and assets.

Should You Consider A Structured Settlement For Your Personal Injury Award? What To Consider

If you were injured and the award for damages in your personal injury case is substantial, you may have the choice between taking one lump sum or a series of smaller payments through a structured settlement. If you choose the structured settlement, the proceeds from the injury case will go into an annuity and be paid out on a prescribed schedule. This is what you should know before you choose that option.

Was Your Child Assaulted At A Friend's House And No Child Will Admit Guilt? Get A Lawyer Fast

If your child was assaulted at a friend's house and they had to seek emergency medical treatment because of their injuries, you want to call a personal injury lawyer to get to the bottom of the situation. If none of the kids are talking and you aren't sure what happened, the parents that were supervising the children, and the owners of the home, are still responsible for what happened. Here are a few of the things you'll want to take with you when you go to the lawyer.