Was Your Child Assaulted At A Friend's House And No Child Will Admit Guilt? Get A Lawyer Fast

If your child was assaulted at a friend's house and they had to seek emergency medical treatment because of their injuries, you want to call a personal injury lawyer to get to the bottom of the situation. If none of the kids are talking and you aren't sure what happened, the parents that were supervising the children, and the owners of the home, are still responsible for what happened. Here are a few of the things you'll want to take with you when you go to the lawyer. 

Incident Report

Did you file a report with the police? Often you have to do this if you check into an emergency medical facility and the child was assaulted. You want to get the incident report from the police department, and from any intervention or medical specialists that took a report from your child of what took place. Unfortunately, if none of the kids were talking, the police may not have a lot of information.

List of Injuries

You need a detailed description of your child's injuries from a medical professional, along with copies of any imaging tests or pictures that were taken. Gather your medical bills and statements as they come in so you can send them to your lawyer, so you can start to get a financial total for what the injury cost you. 

Witness Information

Your lawyer should have the information of every child that was there, and each child's parent's information. If the lawyer is able to talk with the parent about the seriousness of the situation, and the parents realize that their child could face assault charges, the children and other parents may give information about who is guilty.  The parents may also get their own legal representation, and then there will be two cases against the guilty party, showing that  different teens are sharing the same story about  who is guilty. The lawyers may also want to gather extra information from the kids about where the homeowners were, and who was supervising them.

You shouldn't expect your child to end up going to the emergency room because they were assaulted by another child, and you shouldn't have to deal with such stress in your life. A personal injury lawyer will work to get all of the medical bills covered because of the injuries, and extra money for the pain and embarrassment your child had to deal with while healing.