Do You Need A Special Education Lawyer?

As a parent, you want to see your child receive a proper education. Children with special healthcare needs and disabilities have the right to an appropriate public education. This includes accommodation and special needs education services. That said, working with some schools can sometimes be confusing. For example, you may not agree with the district school's special children's services. In such circumstances, you can consult with a special education lawyer to help you solve the problem.

Why Hire a Construction Lawyer Before Starting a Building Project

Getting the opinion of a construction lawyer before commencing your building project eliminates disputes and delays. Whether you're a contractor, design-build professional, or subcontractor, a construction attorney helps you pave the way through complex insurance, building, city ordinances, and the maze around the construction industry. Since you've majored in the building business; and not the legal industry, a construction lawyer handles delicate zoning, environmental, labor, contract, and land use regulations to ensure your project is compliant.

Common Questions When A Vendor Breaches Their Contract

Are you in a situation where you are working with a vendor for your business that has breached their contract, and now you're wondering what to do? It will help to have a corporate lawyer on your side to help you out in this legal situation. Here are some questions you'll likely have for your lawyer as they work on your case.  Does It Matter If It Is An Oral Or Written Contract?

What Makes A Felony Charge Different From Other Criminal Allegations?

In the criminal legal world, there are three classes of offenses. At the bottom are infractions, covering mundane and fine-worthy things like speeding tickets and noise ordinance violations. In the middle, you'll find misdemeanors, charges that may carry jail time up to one year. Finally, there is the top tier of felonies. What distinguishes felonies from other offenses? Here are three things all felony lawyers want their clients to understand.

Remember To Speak With An Inheritance Attorney If You Have A Stretch IRA

If you have an IRA that your loved ones will inherit, you will need to speak with an inheritance lawyer about how you can take extra steps in light of the new rules put in place by the SECURE Act. Otherwise, your beneficiaries will be more likely to end up with a larger tax bill afterward.  When a Problem Might Arise If you are taking the Required Minimum Distributions, also known as RMDs, you have what is known as a "