Why Hire a Construction Lawyer Before Starting a Building Project

Getting the opinion of a construction lawyer before commencing your building project eliminates disputes and delays. Whether you're a contractor, design-build professional, or subcontractor, a construction attorney helps you pave the way through complex insurance, building, city ordinances, and the maze around the construction industry.

Since you've majored in the building business; and not the legal industry, a construction lawyer handles delicate zoning, environmental, labor, contract, and land use regulations to ensure your project is compliant. Indeed, building contracts between developers, contractors, suppliers, and relevant service providers come with complex implications that only a lawyer can help you maneuver. 

Here are reasons to hire a construction lawyer before starting your building project.

Comply to Local and Federal Laws

Contractors must comply with local, state, or federal laws whether building a home addition or a commercial building. As a builder or developer, you must know and fulfill regulatory and legal building statutes from start to finish. 

You must comply with worker safety, environmental laws, and site safety regulations. Working with a construction lawyer helps you to avoid penalties for non-compliance. These lawyers guide you on liability issues, insurance, and lawsuits. Even if you operate as a solo entrepreneur, your lawyer walks you through the dynamics of construction laws and the differences between operating as a solo or a limited company.

Dispute Resolution

Construction projects are fraught with disputes. To protect your contractual interests, you must seek legal assistance before these conflicts arise. If the dispute can't be resolved amicably, it may end up before the court. As such, you need a construction lawyer who can mediate and take such a matter to court. You must engage a lawyer who understands the nuances of construction law and how to repulse allegations you can face as an engineer or contractor. If a bulking owner presses charges for professional negligence or poor service delivery but the evidence suggests you followed rules and procedures, your attorney knows how to argue in your favor.

Licensing and Permits

Acquiring permits for a sensitive construction project isn't easy. You must ensure that accurate permits are in place to avoid project shutdowns and lawsuits. If you're unsure about these permits, a construction lawyer reviews specific codes and compliance to ensure you have the licenses and permits needed to commence.

Enforce Contractual Agreements

Construction projects are costly and have schedules that require completions within agreed timelines and budgets. Before kick-starting such projects, you must engage a construction lawyer to oversee contractual obligations between you and other parties in the mix. These lawyers know how to protect your interest from non-payment, undue termination, or other building contract violations. An attorney's presence ensures all parties conduct themselves in line with the drafted clauses.