About Getting Legally Compensated after a Bicycle Accident

Were you thrown off of your bike and injured after the driver of a car hit you from behind? If the injury had a long-term effect on your life, you might want to make sure you are financially stable for what's to come. You can begin by suing the other party for some of the things that you need and deserve in regards to the accident. In this article, you will find out how a personal injury lawyer can assist with getting the funds that you need.

Staying on the Good Side of Social Security Disability

If you have not been able to work at your job because of a medical condition, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. This government-sponsored program can provide claimants with a monetary payment each month, which helps to alleviate the financial burden caused by being out of work. It's easy to get confused when applying for Social Security, however. The rules and details required can easily lead you to make mistakes and run afoul of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

3 Factors That Can Determine the Punishment for a DUI Charge

If you were just charged with a drinking under the influence (DUI) crime, you may wonder what type of crime this will be considered and what the punishment for the crime will be. Every situation is considered unique in the criminal-justice system, and there are a variety of different factors courts use to determine how severe the crime will be considered and what the punishment for the crime will be.

Three Strategies For Contesting A Traffic Ticket

Challenging a traffic ticket is difficult, but it's not impossible. Here are three main routes you can take to challenge a traffic ticket: Challenge the Officer's Observation By doing this, you are claiming that the officer who gave you the ticket did not actually witness the incident they are claiming to have witnessed. It may also mean that you are claiming the officer saw the wrong thing. For example, if you were given a ticket for jumping the red light, you need to prove that the officer couldn't have seen the light.

Get a Lawyer to Help You with Your Pet-Custody Case

When you and your partner break up, it can be very stressful. Many people might think that your split should be easier if you and your partner don't have children and instead just have pets. However, trying to arrange custody of your pet can be very stressful and emotional as well. If you and your partner do have a pet that you both want, what should you do? One thing you can do is to hire a lawyer who specializes in pet-custody matters to make sure that you get your beloved pet.