Can A Parent Be Ordered To Pay Private School Tuition?

Parents typically want the best for their children. If you have children and are going through a divorce, the needs of your child are likely at the top of your mind. For many parents, this might include educational plans for the child. Are you curious if private school tuition can be part of your child support case? Each case is different, so this is what you need to know. The Court Will Consider the Interests of the Child

Worker's Compensation Claims And Employer Retaliation: An Overview

Most people are generally familiar with worker's compensation claims, their purpose, and the basics of compensation under this coverage. However, few people are as familiar with the laws as they apply to worker's compensation and how your employer can handle worker's compensation claims and your job. Here's a look at some things you need to know about retaliation from your employer if you are filing a worker's compensation claim. What Is Worker's Compensation Claim Retaliation?

Why You Should Create A Living Trust When Planning Your Estate

When you die, what will happen to your assets? If you do not have an estate plan, your family might have to fight over your things and go to court to decide what to do with the items. If you want to simplify things for your family, you need an estate plan. One tool you can use in your plan is a living trust. If you are not sure what this is, here is an explanation and some reasons you should have one.

Do You Have a Valuable Personal Injury Case?

When it comes to car accidents, the value of a case can vary quite a bit. One of the main determiners of case value is your injuries and the cost of medical treatment. Since even minor injuries can cost thousands of dollars to treat, many accident victims have valuable cases. The value of your case matters quite a bit so read on to find out why. What Is Compensation? A car accident can create havoc in a victim's life in several ways, and all of those issues can be converted into dollars and cents.

Hearing Loss May Result In A Successful Personal Injury Case

Hearing loss is permanent, and it can severely impact your quality of life. If you have suffered from hearing loss resulting from the negligence or actions of another party, you may have a successful personal injury case on your hands. Hearing loss is a personal injury that can be costly to deal with. You may have ongoing medical appointments, treatments, and more. You might also be forced to stop working or pursue a new type of employment.