Issues Your Legal Advisor Will Evaluate To Build A Strong Defense For Your DUI Charges

Many issues may run through your mind when the law enforcers stop you for DUI. For instance, you might wonder whether to fight the charges yourself or hire a lawyer to do it for you. Note that the best decision is to enlist the services of a legal advisor to represent you in your case. This is because they can evaluate your charges to determine whether they can beat them. More so, they will determine strategies to use to enable you to get a favorable outcome. Additionally, they will evaluate the following issues to enable them to build a strong defense against your DUI charges.

Reason for the Stop

Your legal advisor will evaluate whether the police had a legitimate reason to stop you. If they didn't, the evidence collected at the stop might be inadmissible in court. Therefore, your attorney will use a lack of reason for the stop to have your charges reduced or dropped. However, your attorney will employ other strategies to fight your charges if the law enforcers had reasonable suspicion when pulling you over. This includes identifying illegalities the police may have committed when arresting you. For example, your attorney will challenge your arrest in court if the officers violated your rights during this process. Ultimately, this might lead to a dismissal of your case or a sentence reduction.

Accuracy of Test Results

The police sometimes mistake someone's behaviors with that of an impaired person. As a result, they may arrest and charge drivers who are not impaired. This is why your attorney will want to know whether the tests the police performed produced accurate results. They will do this by reviewing the videos the police recorded when you took the tests. Note that your attorney will object to your arrest if you performed well. They can also claim that the evidence the police gathered against you is insufficient to charge you with DUI. Therefore, they will request for dismissal of your case.

Your Health Condition

If you have a physical condition that may affect your test results, your attorney could claim that it was why you appeared intoxicated. For instance, they can argue that your health affected your balance, speech, and vision, which made the police believe that you were impaired. They will then provide medical reports to support their argument, enabling you to get a lenient judgment.

When you hire a DUI attorney to defend you in your DUI case, they will evaluate the circumstances of your case to know how to defend you. They will particularly evaluate the issues discussed above to enable them to build a strong defense for your case.

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