Information To Give A Bail Bonds Agent When Getting Bail

Getting arrested can mean that you are going to spend some time in jail. You may have to go through an arraignment process, at which point the judge may or may not give you bail, depending on what you have been charged with, your criminal record, your plea, and the prosecutor's recommendation. If the judge does give you bail, you either need to come up with the money to pay it or enough money to work with a bail bond agent. You may have to have a relative or friend who isn't in jail work with the bail bond agent for you. They need to have some things in order to get your bond. So, what do they need to have?

Who You Are

The person who is in charge of getting your bail is going to need to have your identifying info. That means that they need to have your full name, address, birth date, and possibly Social Security number. Make sure that they use your full name as it appears on your driver's license, with no shortened versions or nicknames. Part of your identifying information is also your booking number. This number was assigned to you when you went through the booking process, and it will carry on with you through the entire court process. All your information will be associated with that number. When the bail bond agent goes to pay your bail, they will have to give that information to the clerk to start the release paperwork. 

Where You Are

The person securing your bail also needs to tell the bond agent where you are. When it comes to your physical location, the more information the bond agent has, the better. Make sure you provide the person working with the agent with the full street address of where you are. You should also give them the name of the location if it has one. If the bond agent knows right where to go in order to pay for your release, that will get you out faster. If they have to chase down your location or go to more than one place to find you, they may be frustrated, and it may lead to a delay in your release. 

If you get arrested, you may be looking at some time spent in jail until you go to court. Getting a bail bond will let you get out and spend time at home until you have to appear in front of the court. 

Reach out to a bail bondsman to learn more.