Getting Bail After A Domestic Violence Arrest

When it comes to victims' rights, domestic violence laws have changed for the better. Law enforcement often looked the other way when called to the scene of a domestic situation in the past and treated things very lightly. However, when law enforcement is called to the scene of a domestic issue now, someone must go to jail. Unfortunately, that someone could be you even if you did nothing wrong. To find out more, read below and find out what to do to get out of jail so that you can fight the charges.

You May Get Bail

Each case of domestic violence charges is unique, and the judge will decide on bail by reviewing the arrest report. Reports of serious injuries by the other party in which they were hospitalized could result in a "no bail" ruling by the judge. If the defendant has previous arrests for domestic violence, they might also be denied bail. However, being arrested for this charge does not automatically mean they won't be offered bail. Defendants that are offered bail have two main choices when it comes to taking care of the bail charges.

Pay the Court

Get ready for the bail amount to be very high. It's not uncommon to be charged bail of several thousands of dollars. If you can afford to pay the full bail, you or a loved one can pay and be released from jail. However, there is an easier and less expensive way to do it also.

Pay a Bail Bonding Agent

The second way to get released from jail is to contact a third-party bail bonding agency about a bail bond. Bonds are cheaper than the full bail by a great deal. In fact, a bail bond is only a small percentage of the full bail amount and yet it achieves the same function – to get a defendant released from jail. Speak to a bail bonding agent to learn how affordable and easy a bail bond can be.

Understanding Conditions

If you violate the terms of your bail, regardless of whether you pay the full bail amount or use a bail bonding agent, you could find yourself back behind bars in no time. Those with domestic violence charges pending may only be released if they pledge not to contact the alleged victim in the case in any manner. In many cases, a temporary restraining order will be in place and violations could mean going back to jail.

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