Do You Need A Special Education Lawyer?

As a parent, you want to see your child receive a proper education. Children with special healthcare needs and disabilities have the right to an appropriate public education. This includes accommodation and special needs education services. That said, working with some schools can sometimes be confusing. For example, you may not agree with the district school's special children's services. In such circumstances, you can consult with a special education lawyer to help you solve the problem. Attorneys can assist parents in different ways, including:

Helping Parents Exercise their Rights to Challenge a School

It's not uncommon to find disagreements arising between schools and parents. For example, you may not agree with the school concerning your child's placement, eligibility, and program needs. If this happens, you may want to ask for a special education hearing process. You'll do this by filing a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearing. 

Before the date scheduled for the hearing, the parties will take part in a resolution session unless you both waive the meeting. The parties may also agree to solve the issues through mediation. The mediator will try to settle the case by working with both sides. It'll move to a hearing similar to superior court trials if you don't settle the case.

Both parties will represent their evidence by submitting any reports and calling witnesses. At the end of the hearing, an administrative law judge will give directions. During the administrative hearing proceedings, you need a special education lawyer to fight for your rights. 

Helping Parents Navigate the System 

If you have a child with special needs, you probably know how caring for them and handling all their needs can be overwhelming. It can take a toll on you financially and emotionally. There are many resources available to support children with disabilities. However, spotting, obtaining, and utilizing these resources can be a daunting task and a complicated process. This is significantly worse if you aren't well-informed. By consulting a special needs lawyer, you can understand what you need to do step by step and offer your child the education they deserve. 

Empowering Your Child and Family

A skilled special education lawyer understands everyone deserves social engagement and dignity regardless of their physical and mental circumstances. An attorney will commit to helping you comprehend your child's education rights. An experienced lawyer aims to empower special needs children by assisting them to access the tools they need to obtain an education. 

Do not go through emotional anguish because you don't know how to navigate your child's needs or issues at their school. Ensure you speak to an experienced special education lawyer to guide you and offer solutions to your most pressing problems. 

For more information, reach out to a special education lawyer in your area.