Key Divorce Law Issues

When seeking a divorce, you have the option of filing on your own. The do-it-yourself divorce is ideal if when there are no marital assets or children involved. However, you need the services of a divorce attorney if you do not wish to relinquish your rights to property, children, or support. You may lose everything should you decide to do it yourself. Yet, it is not always clear as to when to seek divorce law services. So, what key divorce issues necessitate the need for legal services?

Property Division

One of the thorny issues in divorce cases is asset division. Often, there may be no compromise on who should keep certain assets. In this case, marriage property may include the residential home, pension funds, business interests, or overseas assets. In case the divorce parties do not have a prenuptial agreement, asset divisions become an embroiled conflict. Divorce lawyers come in as independent parties to find an amicable solution. The attorneys may support the couple to negotiate an out-of-court agreement. However, the divorce attorney can ensure the client gets a fair share of the property through courtroom representation.

Debt Management

It is also possible that a divorcing couple has joined debts to the creditor. For instance, the couple may have borrowed an asset financing loan from a financial lender. In such cases, the couple must agree on a debt repayment program. For example, the person who keeps a mortgaged house may assume payments on loan interests. Such arrangements ensure that the debt burden is shared between the parties. Thus, the divorce lawyers can help negotiate, document, and execute a debt management agreement. 

Child Custody 

Child custody is another emotive issue in a divorce. Typically, the parents may not agree on where the children will stay. Thus, conflict arises when both parties claim custody rights over the children. Such a case usually ends up in the divorce court for determination. Subsequently, one would require legal representation from a divorce attorney. The lawyers will argue that their client is better placed to provide the best care for the children. The lawyers can also appeal for contact rights such as child visitation.

Child Maintenance

There are two main issues relating to child maintenance. Firstly, one partner may sue for child support. Often, this happens when the other partner is a high net earner with the ability to cater to children's expenses. Again, the situation may arise when one partner had quit work to look after the children. The second legal issue emerges when a divorcee feels the statutory child maintenance is not enough. In both cases, it is rational to seek divorce law services to secure child custody and support. 

Even if you feel confident to represent yourself in a divorce case, it is still advisable to seek legal counsel. Find an ideal legal firm to learn more about divorce law services. That way, you can better manage divorce issues on assets, debts, and children.