Can A Parent Be Ordered To Pay Private School Tuition?

Parents typically want the best for their children. If you have children and are going through a divorce, the needs of your child are likely at the top of your mind. For many parents, this might include educational plans for the child.

Are you curious if private school tuition can be part of your child support case? Each case is different, so this is what you need to know.

The Court Will Consider the Interests of the Child

Just like you, the courts also want your children to be cared for properly. This means that the court will assess the entire situation and determine if your child's attending a private school is essential. It is with this information that the court will determine if both parties should be tasked with paying for the tuition.

For example, the court may determine it is not in the best interest of the child to attend private school if paying half the tuition would leave one parent destitute or unable to afford other child support obligations. It would fall on one parent to make a strong case that they are not able to make these payments in court.

The Court Wants to Maintain the Child's Standard of Living

Now, what if your child already attends a private school? In most cases, the courts try not to drastically change the child's life in as many ways as possible. So, if you are already paying half the tuition and have the means to do so, the court may determine it is better for the child to continue going to their current school.

To implore the court to change the child's standard of living, you may have to have a good reason. For example, you might also be applying for custody and plan to move your child to a different district with a public school.

Each Case Is Different

No two family law cases are exactly the same, and you need to ensure that you don't compare your case to another case. Instead, you should rely on your attorney to help you develop a strategy for determining who should pay for the child's school tuition.

Consult With a Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys understand the financial issues that often arise in these custody cases as well as each parent wanting the best for their children. If you have questions about your case, set up a consultation with a family law attorney today to discuss your options.