How Will Adopting a Child Impact Your Divorce?

While adoption can help create a loving family, divorce still occurs in families that choose adoption. You may feel as if an adoption complicates matters. What can you do if you have adopted a child and are now going through a divorce? Understanding your rights and the options available to you can be very beneficial.

Does Adoption Impact Custody?

Whether both parents adopted a child together or the child was adopted by a step-parent, it does not necessarily matter. If both parents have gone through legal channels to adopt a child, both parents have the same rights to the child. Biology does not matter when both parents have opted for legal adoption.

Some exceptions are made, however. Each case is a little different. If one parent is the biological parent, the court may not opt to award full custody to an adopted parent. This can change based on the parenting of both parents. If the biological parent has been a poor parent, the adoptive parent could receive full custody. As you can see, everything can vary based on the circumstances.

Keep in mind that adoption also does not impact child support. Legal parents are required to support their children financially in the same way they are required to support biological children.

What Do Emotional Issues Impact on the Divorce Process?

Some children who are adopted may undergo attachment and mental health issues. Divorce can be a difficult process for any child, but children who have experienced familial separations in the past may struggle yet again. Your family lawyer may recommend that you seek therapy for your child. Doing so does not hurt your divorce proceedings. In fact, the judge may look favorably on parents who pursue mental health care for their children.

How Can You Work for the Best Interest of Your Child?

Your attorney will tell you that the best thing you can do during the divorce process is to cooperate with your co-parent in the best interest of your child. If you are both the legal parents of the child and both have a positive relationship with the child, it is beneficial for the child to continue this relationship. Divorce does not change legal adoption.

If you want to ensure that your adopted child is looked after in the event of a divorce, you should speak with an attorney. A family law attorney will help you determine the best steps you can take to protect your child in any circumstance. Contact law firm services to learn more.