Men Who Experience Impotence Due To Medical Errors Deserve Compensation

Men in their 30s and 40s are in the prime of their life and should have an active and healthy sexual life. However, they may suffer from impotence after a mistake during surgery and struggle to keep the same joy in their lives. If they do experience this problem, they should consider a personal injury lawsuit to get payment for their injuries.

Medical Malpractice Falls Under a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The types of surgical errors that may trigger impotence are many and include affecting blood flow to the member and damaging tissues around the area. When these mistakes happen during routine surgery, a doctor has committed malpractice. And malpractice of this type falls under the heading of personal injury law and can be pursued as a lawsuit.

Some may think that an injury of this type isn't serious enough to require a lawsuit. However, impotence can cause a high level of emotional suffering for a young man in the prime of his life. Watching years of their sexual life disappear will not only cause them anxiety and depression but also affect their relationships with their partners in devastating ways, which do deserve a lawsuit.

Types of Possible Compensation

A man who suffers impotence as a result of medical malpractice has many different types of compensation to consider. For example, they may sue for medical treatment for the injury, such as various types of surgeries or medications that help to manage this problem. They can also likely sue for emotional damages, as many men will be very distraught when they become impotent as a result of surgical errors.

They may also be able to sue for loss of enjoyment and loss of consortium. The first damage type is self-explanatory and the second refers to damages that the injury caused in the relationship with that person's spouse. For example, if the man affected by impotence had a partner who left them or if their relationship worsened due to his impotence, he can sue for damages – the partner may also receive some monetary compensation if they were affected as well.

The problem with cases like these is that the medical facility may try to argue that they had nothing to do with the impotence of the man. They may claim that their error did not cause the problem which he suffers or try to claim that he contributed to the issue as well. As a result, it is critical to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to improve the chances of winning.