3 Qualifications for Obtaining an U.S. Work Visa

The United States is home to one of the world's most prosperous economies. Many people apply for jobs in the United States with the hope that they will be able to obtain a work visa and move to the country legally.

If you are thinking of filing for a work visa, you should fully understand the qualifications required to be eligible for this unique type of visa.

1. Viable Job Offer

Work visas are granted to immigrants who have secured employment within the United States. You must apply for a job, complete the interview process, and be hired by an employer before you can submit your application for a work visa.

The reason you need to have a job before you obtain a work visa is that your employer must submit a host of documents to the government on your behalf. Without a firm commitment, an employer is unlikely to take the time and effort required to help with the work visa process.

2. Approved Petition

Before you can actually apply for your work visa, your employer needs to submit a petition on your behalf to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This petition details the reasons why you are the most qualified candidate for the job.

Your employer will outline your qualifications, skills, and training to help the USCIS understand why you would be a more valuable asset than an individual who is already an American citizen.

3. Labor Certification

The U.S. government wants to ensure that foreign workers are not taking away significant job opportunities from the country's citizens. For a business to be able to file a petition requesting that you be granted a work visa, that business needs to have a labor certification issued by the Department of Labor.

A representative from the Department of Labor will evaluate the staffing needs of the business to verify that foreign workers are required and available positions cannot be filled by U.S. workers. A copy of your employer's labor certification needs to be submitted to USCIS along with a petition if you hope to be granted a work visa in the near future.

Jobs in the United States can represent significant opportunities for advancement and growth for immigrant workers. Work closely with both your employer and local work visa services to ensure that you have submitted the requisite documents to qualify for a work visa through the U.S. Embassy in your home country.