4 Reasons To Talk To A Disability Attorney

Whether you are about to file for disability benefits for the first time or you are trying to figure out what went wrong with a denied claim, chances are you might want to speak to an attorney about your situation. Here are some reasons why you should not hesitate and reach out to a disability claims attorney as soon as possible.

1. Avoid Getting Denied for Something Easily Avoidable

Filing for disability sounds simple in concept but in reality, there is often a mountain of paperwork that needs to be completed. What's worse is that even one small, seemingly simple error could be enough to get your claim tossed into the pile of denials. 

Having a disability claims lawyer on your side will ensure that no detail is overlooked. Your lawyer has likely guided numerous other clients just like you and will be able to sniff out potential problems before you actually send in the claim forms.

2. You Might Get Faster Approval

There's just something about talking to a lawyer that can light a fire under certain people. To be clear, we're not saying the government is going to be intimidated by an attorney. Uncle Sam tends to move at his own pace no matter what you do. But if there is an issue like an appeal for a denied claim, your lawyer might know how to get someone on the phone to expedite the request. If your case is strong enough, you might even be able to try a sternly worded letter or two to get the process moving along.

3. Assistance With Getting Medical Records

A successful disability claim often relies heavily on medical records. Acquiring these records from your hospital or doctor is crucial but actually getting your hands on what you need might require going through more red tape. A seasoned disability lawyer may be able to reach out on your behalf and get the process going.

4. You Might Not Have to Pay Unless Your Claim Is Approved

Have you not yet reached out to a disability claim lawyer because you are concerned about the costs? Well, keep in mind that most disability lawyers get paid when their client does. You'll have to reach out to your own local disability claims attorney to make sure, but in general, you can expect that you won't be charged a cent until you actually make some progress towards getting your claim approved.

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