4 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing For Workers' Compensation

Being injured while trying to make a living can be a difficult time to endure.  You may have medical bills that must be paid, and it's highly possible you could lose time from work. The ideal way to recover in a dire situation like this may be by filing a workers' compensation claim. Being aware of the top things to avoid doing may be help you secure this payment.

Mistake #1: Not seeing a medical provider

The key to proving the extent of your injuries will rest in seeing a physician -- and one that has be recommended to you by your employer. This person can give you a thorough examination that can be helpful in determining your road to treatment.

There will be medical records taken of this event, and you can use these to assist you in building the strongest case possible. Failure to do this one thing could prevent you from receiving the payments you need to survive.

Mistake #2: Being dishonest

One thing you'll want to be when it comes to filing a claim is only providing truthful statements. This is essential if you wish to get the compensation you deserve to move forward with your life and pay for all of your financial losses.

Failing to be truthful could lead to penalties or fines that you're sure to want to avoid entirely. Keep in mind all of the details you provide will be checked out by your employer.

Mistake #3: Continuing to work

It's essential to stop working as soon as you realize the extent of your injury if you wish to receive payment. You may think that you should finish the day, but it's better if you immediately inform your employer of what happened quickly. 

Mistake #4: Not signing an authorization form

Taking the time to complete a form is one of the things necessary to have any of your medical records sent to your employer. This is known as an authorization form, and you're required to sign it because otherwise your information won't be forwarded.

It's possible to get the money you need to move forward with your life after being hurt at work. However, you'll need to do the right things and avoid the wrong ones while being proactive at the same time. Be sure to work with a workers' compensation attorney, like those represented at https://www.oxnerpermarlaw.com/, to assist you if you're denied this crucial payment.