3 Steps For Overcoming A Reckless Driving DUI Case

Did a night of heavy drinking lead to you driving reckless to the point of being pulled over and taken to jail? If you are afraid that the DUI will end up with you having to remain behind bars, there are a few ways that you can make the situation a little better. You will first have to get out of jail to start working on improving your life. This article contains several suggestions that you should seriously consider to lower your risk of spending a lot of time locked up.

1. Get in Touch with a Bail Bonds Company

Before you can do anything in favor of your defense, you will need to get out of jail if you are allowed to. Once you know what your bail amount is, get in touch with a bail bonds company to find out if they are willing to help you. You might even want to ask someone close to you to contact a bail bonds company on your behalf, as well as become the indemnitor for your application. Basically, he or she will agree to pay the loan back if you end up not paying after being released from jail. Keep in mind that bounty hunters will be sent to find you by the bail bonds company if you don't show up for court after you are released.

2. Seek Professional Help for Your Alcohol Problem

After you regain your freedom, you can visit an alcohol addiction treatment facility for assistance. Depending on how severe your addiction is, you might want to get treated while actually living at the facility. You can then avoid going around alcohol and being tempted to get drunk again. The best perk of getting treated after you are released from jail is that it will make you look better as you are going through trial for the offense. By proving to the judge that you are working on your bad habits, he or she will be more willing to give you the most minimal sentence.

3. Speak to a Lawyer About Your Situation

Although you don't have to hire a lawyer to go through trial for your DUI, it is in your best interest to do so. He or she will be able to speak in your favor, and can gather the right type of evidence to prove that you will not repeat the same type of offense again. A lawyer can also suggest sentencing options to the judge that are in your favor, such as probation and community service. He or she might ask you to admit your guilt for reckless driving in court so the judge will be more willing to accept a plea bargain.