About Getting Legally Compensated after a Bicycle Accident

Were you thrown off of your bike and injured after the driver of a car hit you from behind? If the injury had a long-term effect on your life, you might want to make sure you are financially stable for what's to come. You can begin by suing the other party for some of the things that you need and deserve in regards to the accident. In this article, you will find out how a personal injury lawyer can assist with getting the funds that you need.

Discuss How the Incident Happened

A lawyer will not be interested in taking on a personal injury lawsuit unless he or she knows that you didn't cause the accident. You must understand that being the one on the bicycle does not make you the victim. There are road rules that cyclists must abide by just like those driving vehicles. The lawyer will want details that explain where your bicycle was positioned when the other party hit it from behind. For example, you must explain if you were stopped on the side of the road or actively riding the bike.

Learn about the Other Party's Insurance Coverage

Before suing the other party, the lawyer will find out if the other party has an auto insurance coverage. He or she will then know if any money can be obtained from the insurance company to cover all or a portion of your medical bills. Basically, your compensation will depend on the extent of coverage that the other party has. Any money that is unable to be obtained via the insurance company can be requested in a lawsuit.

Determine What You Should Sue for

One of the things that you can sue for is money for a new bike if yours was damaged in the accident. However, the lawyer will focus on making sure all of your medical bills are covered in the lawsuit. He or she will need evidence of any medical bills that you have paid so the money can be recouped. You must also give the lawyer medical bills that are unpaid or documentation showing how much long-term treatment is expected to cost. Lost wages, as well as pain and suffering, are commonly compensated in personal injury lawsuits.

Attempt a Settlement without Going to Court

If the other party admits to causing the accident or simply doesn't want to go to court, you might get a settlement via mediation. Mediation will allow all parties to discuss the incident and possibly come to a mutual agreement without going to court.

Tell a personal injury lawyer like those at Randall A. Wolff & Associates, Ltd about your bike accident and find out if you can be compensated.