Helping Hands: What Parents Need To Know When Considering Special Education Services

If you have concerns about your child needing special education services at school, there are some specific steps you must take. You cannot simply request that your child be placed into special classes. You will have to prove to the school district that the child needs to have these services in order to thrive at school. To do that, you will need to fully understand the child's disability.

What Are Your Child's Needs?

Before getting your child into special education programs at school, it will be necessary to describe where their weaknesses lie. To determine what the child needs, consider any issues your child is having, including severe academic problems with math and reading, delay in motor skills, trouble with understanding simple instructions, or problems interacting socially. Other signs to look for are trouble paying attention, hyperactive behavior, or delays in physical milestones including handwriting abilities.

While you may notice some of these issues at home, it is important to discuss your concerns with the child's teacher. The teacher spends a bulk of time with your child, and he or she should be able to confirm your concerns if the child exhibits similar issues in class.

Do You Need To Have Their Records?

To get started in getting your child into special education services, you will need to obtain their school records. Having access to this information will help you determine just how much intervention the child needs. When requesting records for your child, be certain to ask for disciplinary reports, testing information, teacher comments, and any other observational records that may exist. The school is legally obligated to send your child's records if you ask for them.

Does The School Have To Consider My Child For Special Education Services?

By law, the school district must take steps to determine which children in the school need special education services. You may have to initiate the process by making requests to have your child evaluated. The best way to make this request is in writing so that you have solid proof of your request. From that point, the school will evaluate your child to decide whether or not he or she can benefit from special education classes.

If your child is denied services at the school, you may be able to appeal. It is best to use a reputable special education attorney to assist you with your appeal so that your child can get the help he or she needs to progress in school. If you are looking for an attorney, consider one from the Law Office of Mark W Voigt.