Exposing Two Myths Concerning Truck Accident Cases

There are few automobile accidents that can cause more damage than those involving large commercial trucks. For people that have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in one of these accidents, the costs of repairing the damage and recovering from injuries can be extremely high. While the legal system allows you to file a lawsuit to collect damages, many clients fall for a couple of common misconceptions that can cloud their expectations for this process. 

Myth: Accidents With Commercial Trucks Automatically Mean A Large Award

While it is true that accidents involving trucks can be extremely costly, it is important to note that this does not mean you will automatically get a large award. This stems from the fact that your actions could have played a role in causing the accident, and if this is the case, the court will consider this when deciding on a compensatory award. 

Whether you contributed to the accident or not, the defense attorneys for the truck driver and company will likely argue that your actions played a role in the accident. Without experienced legal counsel, it may be difficult for you to counter these claims, and due to this threat, you should always seek a professional trucking accidents lawyer following this type of accident. 

Myth: You Can Always Sue The Trucking Company

Many people assume that they will be directly suing the trucking company of the driver. While it is true that it may be possible for you to include the trucking company in your lawsuit, it is important to note that there may be important limitations to this. 

For example, many states have strict codes governing the requirements of the company that employs the truck driver. Often, these requirements mandate that the trucking company is liable for maintaining the vehicle, training the driver and managing the time that the driver is actively driving. If it is determined that the company failed in one of these responsibilities, you will likely be able to add them as a defendant in your lawsuit. 

Experiencing a truck accident can be a devastating event because of the large damages that can arise from these incidents. Yet, many people are ill-informed about their rights in these cases, and this may cause them to believe some common misconceptions about pursuing truck accident cases before a court of law. By understanding the factors that can limit the award you receive and who you include in your lawsuit, you will be better prepared to pursue your case.