Four Things That Will Help If Your Child Is Accused Of A Crime

Children make mistakes, and as a parent, it is your duty not to let such mistakes ruin their lives. For example, teenagers sometimes get involved in activities that end up in them facing criminal charges. If your teenager is ever arrested on criminal charges, then you can use the tips below to help him or her with the legal process.

Stress the Significance of Miranda Rights

One thing you should always keep in mind is that law enforcement officers aren't your family friends, even if they appear to be very friendly. Also, note that children can be cheeky, and they sometimes think they are clever enough to talk themselves out of difficult situations. Unfortunately, any information divulged may come back to haunt the child. Therefore, remind your child of his or her Miranda rights and encourage him or her not to talk to the authorities without the presence of a lawyer.  

Check the Reviews

When you arrive at the police station, check the "reviews," your child's official custody records and confirm that the officers have maintained his or her rights. Apart from containing the facts of the case, these records should also show how your child has been treated. For example, they may show whether your child has been offered food and drink or if it has been confirmed that he or she doesn't have a unique/emergency health need.

Record Police Contact

If you have a camera, then you should record all contacts your teenager makes with the authorities. This is not illegal, but you should first notify the officers of your actions. Your child's rights are likely to be respected, even by officers who would do otherwise, if they know they are being recorded. Without the video records, they can violate his or her rights and get away with it because it will just be your word against theirs.

Hire an Experienced Attorney            

Lastly, the best thing you can do for your child is to hire a criminal defense lawyer for him or her. Do this as early as possible; don't wait and hope for things to turn out well eventually. Don't forget that even those who are innocent have been convicted in the past. Apart from that, having legal representation will still help even if he or she isn't convicted. For example, the attorney may help to conclude the case fast.

For serious charges, the prosecution may push to have the teenager tried as an adult if he or she is above a certain age. That would be disastrous because adult courts have potentially harsher sentences than juvenile courts.

Criminal charges should always be treated seriously. If you don't treat criminal charges seriously, then you risk ruining your child'd future future.  For example, a conviction would deny him or her the potential for a good job (many companies don't hire people with criminal pasts), educational scholarships or even travel to countries that do not admit criminal convicts.

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