Is Your Teen Facing Assault Charges After A School Fight? Get Legal Help Fast

If you're teen has gotten in trouble at school and assault charges are being brought against them because of a fight that took place, you want a criminal defense attorney right away. You don't know what the other family is looking to do, and you don't want your child to face charges that will last on their record for a lifetime. The sooner you work to get representation, the better off you'll be.

The FAQs Of The Certificate Of Merit In Malpractice Cases

In a medical malpractice case, there are several obligations that the plaintiff has to meet before the case even appears in court. One of those is the submission of the Certificate of Merit. Without it, some judges are not willing to allow the case to proceed. Before attempting to file your case, it is important you understand what the certificate is and what bearing it could have on your case. 

The Delicate Process Of Probating A Will Written On A Napkin

When someone dies without a will, the probate courts are left to determine who the departed's solely-owned assets are to be distributed. Certain rules are clearly defined by state law statutes. An example would be a law stipulating a surviving spouse or adult child are the rightful heir for certain assets when no formal will exists. However, what if the departed drew up a document along the lines of an informal will?

What You Should Know About Social Security Benefits And Mental Illness

If you aren't able to work, you might be eligible for social security benefits. These benefits are for someone that has a disability, typically a physical disability. However, you might also get benefits if you have a mental illness that keeps you from having a steady job. Here are some things to know about social security and whether or not you can get benefits with a mental illness. What are the different types of social security?

What Is Debt Settlement?

Many consumers who have out of control debt will at one time or another consider a debt settlement program as a solution. These programs are somewhat controversial for a variety of reasons. Knowing more about debt settlement, how it works and how debt settlement companies operate, will help you decide if debt settlement is right for you.  What is a debt settlement program? Debt settlement programs are run by companies and organizations that negotiate settlements with creditors on behalf their clients.