Tire-Related Motor Vehicle Accidents Deserve Compensation

You cannot drive a vehicle without tires, and you should not drive a vehicle when the tires are worn. However, the reality is that countless drivers hit the road every year with tires that are worn beyond the level of safe operation. Dangerous automobile accidents are sometimes the outcome of this scenario.

Known Negligence

All vehicle owners are expected to be responsible drivers, and this responsibility does not stop with safely operating the vehicle. The practice should also involve ensuring that your vehicle is safe. Drivers that knowingly drive vehicles with tires that have minimal tread, sidewall cracks, or other visible damages are not adhering to this guideline. 

In this instance, should these drivers strike another car, such as due to an inability to stop, they can be held liable for the accident, including any injuries the passengers sustain or damages to their property they incur. The law often determines that the driver could be easily aware of this damage, and therefore, responsible for any issues the damaged tires cause. 

Manufacturer Carelessness

Sometimes, it is not that the driver has neglected their tires, but the danger of driving their vehicle involves manufacturer carelessness. Tire manufacturers are expected to ensure that the tires they produce are durable and safe. However, poor construction or low-quality materials can create unsafe conditions.

In the event an issue with the manufacturers' design causes the tires to fail and this issue leads to an accident, they may be liable. In this scenario, the victim of the accident can file a claim against the driver and/or the manufacturer of the tire. Whatever the case, the accident is not the fault of the victim, so they should not be left to pay for the damages incurred on their own. 

Potential Compensation

Victims of accidents involving a tire issue may be due compensation in a variety of forms. If the victims have sustained any physical injuries, they can seek compensation for the cost of the medical treatment. These victims are also able to seek compensation for any property damage they incur.

Victims of tire-related accidents may also seek compensation for missed time from work should their injuries require that they take time off work during recovery. In the case of more severe injuries, these victims may seek compensation for non-economic losses as well. An attorney can help determine what the victim is entitled to.

Any accident that involves a driver who is operating a vehicle with worn tires deserves attention. Should you or your family find yourself in this type of scenario, speak with an attorney to learn more about your options for moving forward with a claim. For more information, contact a company like Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law.