When A Child Is Fatally Injured On A Childcare Provider's Playground

Parents expect childcare providers to supervise and nourish their children. Some parents are faced with an opposite experience. It's estimated that more than 200,000 children get injured on playgrounds each year, with a percentage of these injuries resulting in death. When the death of an innocent child can be attributed to the negligent behavior on the part of the childcare provider, justice must be served.  

Examples of Negligence

In the simplest of terms, negligence is best described as a person, business or other entity's failure to do something the correct way. In terms of a child who suffers fatal injuries from a playground incident while under the supervision of a childcare provider, this could mean a number of things.

Incorrect Staff-to-Child Ratio

Most states have strict laws that designate how many adults have to be on the playground per child. An example of this would be one adult for every seven children. If at the time of your child's injury, the childcare center was operating at an incorrect ratio level, this would be considered negligence.

Poor Equipment Maintenance

Childcare centers are also required to ensure their playground equipment is up to code. Failure to perform proper maintenance is also a sign of negligence. Take a tire swing with severely rusted screws, for example. If a child gets on the swing and it falls because of the damaged screws, any injuries the child sustains would be the result of negligent maintenance.

Failure To Adhere To Weather Conditions

Periods of heavy rain can make the metal surfaces of most playground structures slippery and dangerous. If a childcare center doesn't take this into consideration and allows the children to play on the equipment in this hazardous state, this could be considered negligence as well. 

What You Can Do

In the event your child has suffered a fatal injury because of the negligent behavior of a childcare center or its employees, you do have options. An attorney can help you go over the facts surrounding your child's injuries so that you two can formulate the best course of action.

Childcare providers that operate negligently aren't just held legally responsible for your child's medical expenses. In cases of gross negligence, such as incidents involving serious carelessness on the part of the provider, your family may also be able to recoup damages for any pain and suffering endured on your part.

If your child has been injured, it's important that you take action and ensure justice is served with a wrongful death attorney (such as one from Law Offices Of John Drew Warlick Jr., P.A.).